Dᴜɴᴀᴠᴇʀᴛʏ GC

18 holes on the southern coast of Kintyre, Dunaverty had been described as a 'must play'. With a staid start - a wide open par 4 and nondescript par 3 second - I was waiting for the spark I had been assured of.

I found it on the third tee. A sweeping par 4 towards the site of Dunaverty Castle - a ruin with a gruesome (but fascinating) history I won't go in to here...

The par 3 fourth is one of the quirkiest I have found. Make sure to clear the marker post on the dune ahead, and hope you find the rectangular green

If holes 3 and 4 were easing you in, the 5th is where Dunaverty really comes alive. The green is only 260 yards ahead, but Brunerican Beach, flanking the entire right side of the hole, is very much in play.

So begins a run of truly quirky - and truly delightful - holes. Successive par 3s take you to out to the par 4 9th tee, where the quirkiness steps up another level.

Ahead you can see two marker posts, but no greens. Left is the blind 12th green, but carry the marker to the right and your ball may scuttle down to the equally blind 9th green

I thought 13 was a particularly clever par 5. A boundary fence right and flat fairway ahead looked innocuous, but a deep folly is cut into the left half of the fairway at drive length. Just deep enough to hinder a long iron second. Sometimes the subtle defences are best.

17 is cited as the 'Signature' hole on the back 9. While it's a testing hole with OB right and a wide burn before the green, for me it lacks the same 'links' feel as those in the middle of the round. 

With a new greenkeeper recently appointed, the rectangular greens which are currently soft underfoot will firm up. In my opinion, it’ll make a big difference to how it plays. Will definitely be playing it again next time I’m on Kintyre.

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