Rᴏsᴇʜᴇᴀʀᴛʏ GC

Rosehearty Golf Club is a pretty wonderful place. But perversely, it’s probably the exact opposite of what most people imagine when they think of a good golf course. 9 holes, no range, no short game facilities. No stocked pro shop and, when I arrived, no one there.

The clubhouse has the feel of a temporary structure - although its been there for some decades now, by the look of it. But I don’t really care about any of those things - I’m on the lookout for good golf.

Rosehearty has it in spades.

After a couple of par 3s to get us away, we’re suddenly playing holes amongst sand dunes that wouldn’t be out of place at Cruden Bay. The meandering par 4 Fourth was the highlight - and in truth, it is worth playing for this hole alone (below)

Rosehearty Golf 4th

Other notable holes include the par 3 Sixth - Airman’s Leap (photo 3). Only 106 yards down to a well protected, tiny green.

Rosehearty Golf 6th - Airman’s Leap

A true hidden gem - there is a bench there that bears one of my favourite dedications: “Ye dinnae hiv tae be good at golf tae enjoy it”. At its core, golf is a simple game, and you don’t need anything more than Rosehearty - with its £8 green fee - tae enjoy it.

Dinnae hav tae be good at golf tae enjoy it

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