019/225 - Dunnerholme Golf Club

I missed Dunnerholme Golf Club off my list entirely. In fact, as we were driving from Furness to Seascale I noticed a sign for a golf course and had a sense of unease as we drove on past.

I should have pulled over and checked there and then, but carried on to our overnight stop an hour up the coast. Well, better late than never - I did finally check and promptly turned the van around to see what was at Dunnerholme.

Ultimately, it proved to be the right decision. An hour later I arrived at a small clubhouse where I asked the three chaps inside if I could play. They were in the midst of refurbishing the bar area. One chopping wood, and two supervising over a coffee. It turned out they were all past captains of the club - chipping in as handymen. Very fitting for this community gem.

They showed me to the first tee where I spent the first couple of holes wondering if I should have just kept travelling north after all. But as Harriet and I strolled down the Third in glorious sunshine, the trip was vindicated. We'd found some more links land - and the next few holes were charming.

They didn't prepare for the Sixth hole though. One of the most memorable of the trip in its entirety. A flat atop the soaring 'Dunnerholme Rock'. Only 138 yards, with the elevation it played will over 200. On the coast of the Lake District, the view from the green was truly spectacular.

The run back to the clubhouse was as much fun as the holes out to the Rock. Driving off the top of it back to ground level was exhilarating - and the blind finishing hole (the Tenth!) another that has stuck in the mind.

Glad to have double backed to Dunnerholme. They also told us of Silecroft across the bay - so a full day of golf had been found.

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