Dᴜʀɴᴇss GC

This was not my first visit to Durness. Mrs C & I drove the NC500 route last summer. Without Durness, we likely wouldn't have embarked on this mad adventure. Simple, rugged and brilliant fun - it inspired me to seek out more courses in this vein.

The first couple are functional golf, but visually spectacular. As you climb the hill, the views across Balnakiel Bay are sensational. It only takes a few holes to find the spectacular links land - where the best holes are to be found.

From the third green, the next stretch is magical. Rumpled fairways, ridges, dunes and delightful golf - you could be on any great links in the country. The sixth is a splendid cape hole - sweeping around Loch Lanlish.

Eight takes you back down the hill towards the Bay again, and towards this 9 holer’s pièce de résistance. A short par 3 over the cliffs and electric blue water below - remind you of anywhere?

There are two sets of tees that completely transform the holes for the second 9. There are plenty of places that have alternative tees, but I’m yet to find anywhere else that transforms the hole as much as here.

Durness truly is a delight. It is probably my favourite ‘hidden gem’ on the West Coast. 100 miles from the nearest International Airport at Inverness, the journey isn’t for the faint of heart. But get here you must, it is a sensational spot and the most glorious golf you will find for £30.


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