Tʀᴀɪɢʜ GC

On Google Maps, Traigh is marked simply as 'Golf Course'. What an enticing start...

I found it to be everything I love about golf on the West Coast of Scotland.

9 quirky holes? ✅
Enormous uphill par 3 to start? ✅
Amazing views? ✅
Rulebook out the window...? ✅

'Traigh' is Gaelic for 'Beach' - an appropriate name for the setting. It stretches around the bay in either direction - but the true beauty is in the islands beyond. Eigg, Rhum and Muck keep you company for the majority of the round - visible from all but the long 7th.

The second hole was straight from Strategy 101. Do you take the high road? Or the low?
Of course, no one reading this would take the safe low road. So dead aim was taken at the island fairway ahead - precipitous drops, gorse and OOB surrounding it. A short approach our just reward.

After playing up and down the Traigh-facing dunes, we play a couple of holes around the back. The view is different, but no less spectacular. True Highland stuff.

Many of the holes are 'driveable', on paper. But that's rarely the best play for these small, well protected greens.

This is a loop you could play over and over again.

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